Say ‘HELLO’ to fellow graduates of
Punjab Medical College, Fsd, Pk.


worldinhandWe are proud graduates of Punjab Medical College, Faisalabad, Pakistan. This site is by PMCians and for PMCians. The journey to achieve dream goals in our career h started the very day we graduated and left our mother institution. For many, it was a great opportunity to achieve their post-graduate targets in the home land and remain linked to PMC and affiliated institutions and provide medical education and serve communities in Pakistan. However, for some the journey to their success was a bit torturous. They left Pakistan for better opportunities in their medical / non-medical career. After so many years, their hard work finally paid off and most of them stood proud for whatever they had achieved, not necessarily in medical field but in other respectable professions as well. Those PMCIANs are now practising in all corners of the world. For the last few decades, many young graduates have continued to settle in their career and family life abroad. No matter where they go in the world, there is one thing that ties them together and that is ‘Punjab Medical College, Faisalabad, Pakistan’.

Isn’t it the time to reach out to those who are isolated or need your expert advice and support?

Let’s not forget our roots, our mother institution, friends and buddies who shared their fun, inspirations and aspirations from the very first day of joining Punjab Medical College. Lets continue cherishing those good old memories. And, finally, lets not forget those most beautiful people who are with us no more. They started their journey with us but submitted their lives to the Will of  Allah (swt). May their souls rest in peace. Aamin.

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