CONGRATULATIONS to all the PMC graduates and their families for making this get-together a true family event. We know that there is always lot of hard work that goes behind the scene but this event could not have been such a success without the enthusiasm and jubilant contribution of the families and members who travelled long distances and owned the event. As a formality and in recognition of the hard work done not only by the organisers but also their families (and even children), we extend our gratitude to them and say “WELL DONE ALL THE ORGANISERS”.

The event was organised by Dr Wajid Ali Raza, Dr Khalid Naeem, Dr Naveed Ul-Hassan Shah and Dr Abid Hamid. And, of course, all the activity and arrangement was being supervised by Dr Khalid Mahmood Daar.

The registration of members took place at the reception desk which was skillfully and very courteously run by a group of junior volunteers. This welcoming group included Hamza Naeem, Natasha Naeem, Amal Raza and Eiman Raza.  ‘Happy to Help’ was another group of junior volunteers  to guide the guests. This group was divided in sub-groups of male and female junior guides and included Mohammed Anas Bin Wajid, Jamal Hamid, Haaris Naeem, Sarah Naveed, Iman Javed and Namra Hamid. Thank you all the junior volunteers for your hard work.

In the opening of this event, Mr Wajid Ali Raza formally welcomed all the PMC graduates and their families and outlined the venue of the day.  The ceremony began with the Holy name of Allah (SWT) and Jamal Hamid recited verses from the Holy Quran. Following that, Dr Muhammad Mobasher read a Naat, praising the Holy Prophet (PBUH).

The CME session took place in a separate hall while there were a number of entertainments for the young children and house wives to engage in get to know other families. At the academic session, three presenters spoke about common issues in their relevant fields of practice as follows:

  • Dr Khalid Daar – ‘Primary Care management of Type II diabetes’.
  • Dr Muhammad Mubashar – ‘Musculoskeletal Imaging – What are your choices?’
  • Mr Hasan Mukhar – ‘Doctor – Have I got cancer?’

After the academic session, all the doctors joined their families and other friends for a ‘gup-shup’ and enjoyed a lavish meal.

The 69th Independence Day of Pakistan was celebrated with great enthusiasm by singing National Anthem and cutting Birthday cakes. We were honoured to have Colonel Iftikhar Hussain from Pakistan as a chief guest. Both female and male groups sang national songs (Milli Naghmay)to express their love with Pakistan. All the members and their families enjoyed the whole event. Following the cake cutting ceremony, guest enjoyed hot drinks and sweet dishes, off course, with the cake as well.

The whole event, especially the Independence Day ceremony was covered by two international televisions namely ‘Samaa TV’ and ‘DM Digital TV’.

Dr S A Urfi and his friend, Mohammed Zubair Malik,  had arranged a family photo-shoot session towards the end of the event.

The organising committee of PMC OSA is very thankful to all the junior volunteers for their hard work, Mohammed Zubair Malik for photography and family photo-shoot and Muhammad Idrees from Samaa TV for covering the whole event .

We hope to continue to develop innovative ways to remain in touch and include activities relevant to our social and academic needs. You are welcome to give suggestions and ideas to improve future events.

Thank you and don’t forget to visit the Photo Gallery to get an overview of this event.

  1. Hasan Mukhtar 5 years ago

    Fantastic event well done friends

  2. Khalid Naeem 5 years ago

    Thanks Urfi for building this platform for all of us to reach out to each other and disseminate the valuable information.

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