Dr Hussain Abid

Current Position

Dr. Hussain Abid is currently settled in Freiburg, Germany with his family and working for the German Health Care system. He is a very social person and remains in touch with his local circle of artists and poets as well as the outside world through social media.

Personal Profile

His real name is ‘Abid Hussein’ but most people know him with his pen name ‘Hussain Abid’. He was born in Lahore, Pakistan in 1962. He graduated from Punjab Medical College, batch 1987. From his college days, he is well known for his polished poetry and love with music. Since leaving the PMC, he has taken his literary and artistic activities / skills to a new level . He has continued to impress literary circles with his mesmerising poetry both locally as well as abroad. He plays harmonium, sings his own music compositions and arranges concerts in Germany and other countries of Europe.

He is married to Katharina Mlitz – Hussain, who is a violinist and has produced 8 music albums. The couple has got 3 grown up children, two boys and a daughter, who are all musicians. Along with playing music, his daughter is also a good painter and a photographer. Since his better half is a violinist and children are also musicians, music is the part and parcel of the whole family.

اردو زبان میں شاعری کے چند نمونے ‘شاعری’ کے صفحات میں شامل کئے جائیں گے

External links to his Websites and artistic activities:

  • PMC Batch 1987.
  • MB;BS.
  • Working as poet, singer and a composer
  • Leading the band ” Saranga
  • Music genre: Fusion, Crossover



  • Utri Koonjain
  • Dundhlaey Din Ki Hiddat
  • Qehqaha Insan Nay Ejad Kia
  • Kaghaz Pe Bani Dhoop
  • Behtay Aks Ka Bulawa
  • Currently working on a novel and poetry translations

Music Album:

  • Talking To The River

Traveling, Photography

His poetry books and Music Album:

Other Portfolios


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