Sarah Hassan, daughter of Dr Naveed Ul Hassan and Dr Yasmine Zia performing at the PMC OSA annual get together in 2012. She has been a keen singer with beautiful voice. She stands out in his stage confidence and keeping up with the ins and outs of Urdu singing which is particularly difficult when it comes to children born in Europe. At this young age, she has tried to sing a ‘mature Hindi song’ which is quite daring and considering her young age, she has done justice to this song. PMC OSA promotes the talent of children of PMC graduates and provides them a platform to further polish their skills and confidence. In this family get together, Dr Khalid Naeem’s son Hamza Naeem and his daughter Natasha Naeem both played beautiful songs on Grand Piano.

  1. Syed Naveed ul Hassan 5 years ago

    Still remember, that was brilliant performance in front of big audience of about 150 people

  2. Shaukat Urfi 5 years ago

    Yes in deed it was great and very confident performance of her at that young age. I remember she sang another beautiful song in a public gathering when she was, I think, only 4 or 5 years of age.
    I think we should conduct some workshops on weekends for artistic activities where children of PMCians are encouraged to bring forward their talents. I can offer a leading role in art related classes for youngsters.

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